Sunday, September 8, 2013

Omerta: The Rise...

Just a few doodles in my workbooks when I should be studying.. Im obsessed with these girls, and the storyline is picking up fast.. Expect a young prequel soon.. Enjoy.. XD

Monday, March 4, 2013

Kooliograffi Recognizes

I posted these a few months ago in a facebook group that is very dear to my heart. Recognize. It consist of a cluster of extremely talented individuals willing to share what they know, and in turn learn from others and alas grow together. I believe the cause is a worthy one in a world that grows ever selfish and materialistic. So I made these T shirt designs for any one to fly if they can. Of course you need to use the logos present or else get your dumbass sued, haha.. Anyway.. All about the love man..

Find the group on fb under Recognize
And on twitter @Recognizerz


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Going Full Retail

The paperwork has been handled and liscences cleared. So we are all go for green to start making some money off this thing. Off course we have the mighty LIT to thank for this great news. Anyway what this means is that soon and very soon, you can expect big things to happen from all things Kooliograffi. The lines are gonna drop in matter of weeks and our team of creatives will be designing and editing like there's no tomorrow.

Officially the firm is a graphic design one, but with children that branch into a large variety of the visual arts market. Recognize.

What I need from you guys to help kickstart this thing is to like the Facebook page at or search 'Kooliograffi' and like it, like it a lot. :)

Awesome, you just did your part.. Now, let us entertain your eyes. #nohomo