Saturday, August 25, 2012

WTD: What's the Difference #4 - Kai and Swift

If you could fly, how high would you go in order to feel free? Truly free! What is it about flying that makes us believe in freedom? Are we so imprisoned by life on the ground that we need to leave?

Yes. It is. The days where we where wings on our backs is not far. Soon, we will be fighting over 'airspace'... I hope.

Take Kai, for example... She knows how to fly. She has flown. and Swift, her Eagle made it possible. Having seen wonder upon wonder, she knows that, flying can't free you sure it feels great to soar the skies, but to escape entirely, you need to mend yourself. No destination can change what your heart feels.

And so they sit. Girl and Bird, staring life in the eyes, for they know... And soon you will find out.


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