Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Young Update

OK, now you probably think its been something of a boring minute for Kooliograffi. Well, let me just correct you there, IT WAS/IS NOT... Not at all, not at all.... Truth is, I have major plans for me and my art empire. And recognize has been so inspirational with their hustle, I just thought it would be about fucking time that I step my game up.


I have mentioned this before, and I'm sure you can find us on google now. :D Blanc has been on a move, things have even been printed already!! My boy, 22 is on a heavy grind, and I love it. Not only because it means money for me, but because Movements of the young and wild and free, is what im all about. More info coming soon. Check out this sick Africa thingy I made for them.


"Omerta: The Sound of Death" is one of my graphic novels that I have been talking about for the longest, and I have finally managed to get started. the story revolves around 7 close friends, who became master assassins. They were 'chosen' by the founders of Omerta, a sisterhood of the world's deadliest killers. Anyway, the thing is now underway and will be coming your way soon... and very soon. The first installment anyway.


OK, so I have decided to practice my drawing skills by starting a series of portraits, called "these girls", dedicated to my closest female companions. Lol, I'm sure a lot of girls will get sour if they don't get one. I'm also hoping some of them will catch feelings... This series and some of the ones to come, and the ones that I already made public will all be going into my art portfolio. Don't know what imma do with it once it's done though...:/


My beloved clothing lines. The next step in this crazy dream of mine is to get this shit registered, so that's the mission for Nam this December. Also, I'm going to have to start compiling a proper business plan and stuff. Just gotta start somewhere you know. More free prints coming soon, though.


I'm thinking of going down the tattoo designer path as well. Did like two for some close friends already. Its fun. can't wait to get one of my own, but ja... need that dough! #thebiggerthebilltheharderyouball

OK, thats it for now... stay fly, kidz!!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Witness #4 : Luna Runs Away

I know you have felt like running away sometime in your life. If you haven't, then we must not be living in the same world you and I. What with all the wrong the human race has done over our time alive. I'm not even going to list anything, I'm going to tel you the story of Luna.

As you can see, she decided to leave Earth and go live on the Moon with Kid Cudi them. She reckons Earth looks better from space, there's no prejudice, no visible inequality and no wealth issues. Of course there's a problem of food and water, but she packed enough to last her a few days. Yes, days, because you see, to want to leave the planet is to want to die. And what better way to die then watching God's majestic creation from a view like this?

Not that I'm condoning suicide or anything, I'm just saying, we all wish we could escape sometimez..


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shits gettin Cereus


This is my Cereus collection. As you may or may not know, It is the name of an indigenous cactus plant that grow in South America. I'm not trying to turn Africa Latino or anything, my statement is one that want Africa to become a force no one can touch, check jy? I long for the day when the western world will look at the insane things we do and not even recognize us, thus the flipped continent... Also, Cereus styled Tees will be available on most of my linez, so please Motherfuckerz, start printing this shit!!



Saturday, August 25, 2012

WTD: What's the Difference #4 - Kai and Swift

If you could fly, how high would you go in order to feel free? Truly free! What is it about flying that makes us believe in freedom? Are we so imprisoned by life on the ground that we need to leave?

Yes. It is. The days where we where wings on our backs is not far. Soon, we will be fighting over 'airspace'... I hope.

Take Kai, for example... She knows how to fly. She has flown. and Swift, her Eagle made it possible. Having seen wonder upon wonder, she knows that, flying can't free you sure it feels great to soar the skies, but to escape entirely, you need to mend yourself. No destination can change what your heart feels.

And so they sit. Girl and Bird, staring life in the eyes, for they know... And soon you will find out.