Saturday, October 29, 2011


KOOLIOGRAFFI [the umbrella]

Kooliograffi sprung to life after I saw the opportunity of living as a double agent for the graphic design world. As I’m sure most of my friends or readers know, I am an Engineering student at Stellenbosch University. The opportunity I speak of came when I was on a medical break in march earlier this year, when a new society required my geekyness to help them market themselves. Obviously I was keen, because it was the Namibian Society (which is where I’m from mos :D). One thing lead to the other and I ended up designing T-shirts, posters, pamphlets, invites etc...

Now If you have been reading my other blogs you would know that too many weird things go on in my mind at one time, so the time came for me to set up an umbrella under which to place these ideas, incase they take of one day. So there I was searching for yet another name to add to my already stupid long list of imaginary words I’ve come up with. Why Kooliograffi, you ask? Well, one of my favorite forms of therapy is writing down things and sketching whatever, wherever I can. So I fused the art of writing with Art(graffiti, because I haven’t tagging for a long time). and this was the outcome. But ja, it’s just a name.

OK, down to business(ok, a little too early to call it that, the business is still being reviewed apparently, F***ing Banks!! mxxm)

Anyway, under the umbrella falls everything related to my art and my writing.


·       Clothing Lines: [ANTHEM, PG, AntiSwag, *BlancNero, Recognize, Polyticianz, ZeeDot?,Blaar, IODgo, Ribbonz, RobBlue and FrootH@uS]

·       Comic Strips: [Witness, Pupilz, Dudz, Kleintoon becomes a Matie and ZeeDotz]

·       Graphic Novels: [Omerta, 14, West Ern and  ZeeDotz(the Gaphic Novel)]

·       Novels: [The Lost Fauna(a five part series), 14(and three part series)]

·       Short Films and Music Videos, blah blah blah!!

Uhmm, ja , that’s the first part of the project, projected to be done by 2013.

I’m excited, and if you read this far, you better also be... or else!! hehe!!
Now let's get the day started, here are a few previews...

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